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Introducing Alpventures Franco's Spain Tour

Live from Spain - I am currently in Barcelona conducting our inaugural "Franco's Spain Tour: From Civil War to World War"! We have had amazing weather (April is a great time of year to visit Spain) and first group - although, small - is having a wonderful time exploring military sites, and Spanish Civil War battlefields throughout the country. This Tour is full of great history, spectacular scenery and, of course wonderful food! We spent our first five nights in Madrid, where we have the help of our Partners, Star Madrid Tours; and we toured fascinating historical locations like the Jarama Valley, Arganda, and Morata, and visited impressive museums such as the Army Armor Museum (El Goloso Army Base), Air Force Museum (Cuatro Vientos Air Force Base), Navy Museum, and the Spanish Civil War Museum in Morata. We also had special access to the Association of the Blue Division Private Collection.

This Tour also includes three nights on the beautiful Costa del Sol, in the historical resort-town of Marbella, as well as a day trip to nearby Gibraltar! In Gibraltar our Tour covers the Great Siege Tunnels, the "top of the Rock," where we enjoy the amazing panorama of the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, as well as a Guided Tour of the World War II Tunnels. We finish this trip with four nights in Barcelona, where we have a comprehensive Guided Tour of Spanish Civil War sites as well as a wartime bunker and the central air-defense bunkers overlooking the city of Barcelona. Our last day includes a visit to nearby Montserrat Monastery - visited in 1940 by none other than Reichsfuehrer Heinrich Himmler (can anyone say, Holy Grail?). Get the full details and see photos of this great new Tour on our website:

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