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Alpventures® Top Secret Tours offer you a fun and safe experience discovering famous UFO hotspots, paranormal sites, top secret military bases and other fascinating locations in the company of the world's leading experts.

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In July 1947 something crashed in the desert between Corona and Roswell, New Mexico - and it was not part of a weather balloon! Discover the UFO crash, retrieval, and cover-up at the actual locations where the events occurred on our Roswell UFO Tours with top UFO Researcher, Dennis Balthaser...

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What do you believe? Ultra-secret Black Projects? Man-made or Extraterrestrial UFOs? Alpventures® Top Secret Tours presents the ultimate Area 51 Tour - an educational and exciting experience with the world's leading Area 51 experts...


At this time we only offer custom Area 51 Tours for private groups of 8 or more people. If you are interested in a Tour quote for your group, please contact us.