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About Alpventures Tours

Alpventures® was founded in 1997 by American, Tony Cisneros. Over 20 years ago, before he founded the Tour Company, Tony had established himself as a leading Historian and Tour Guide in Bavaria, Germany. Tony was the official Tour Guide at the infamous Eagle's Nest near Berchtesgaden, Bavaria for three years and during that time he conducted historical Tours in both English and German. He had the honor of conducting VIP Tours for many well-known clients including the National Broadcasting Company (NBC), SKY Network, U.S. State Senators, Senior Army Officials, the Young Presidents Organization and the United States Military Academy at West Point. Tony has safely and successfully guided hundreds of Tour groups to various countries throughout Europe and Russia, and in doing so he has earned an impeccable reputation as a highly knowledgeable Tour Guide and Travel Professional. He has been interviewed by Journalists worldwide and has appeared in broadcast media and many publications, including Schweizer Fernsehen (Swiss TV), New York Times, Stars and Stripes, and The San Jose Mercury. When he is not leading a Tour group somewhere in Europe, Tony resides at his home in Portland, Oregon U.S.A.  Read More