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Travel Inspired by Game of Thrones®

Get into the Game and experience all the amazing filming locations from the epic, hit HBO series, Game of Thrones! Browse and book our local Game of Thrones Tours in Northern Ireland, Croatia, Spain, and beyond - or get the full experience on our in-depth Tour of Thrones: Northern Ireland Experience; which inlcudes overnights in a medieval castle, an archery lesson at Winterfell, boat ride across the "Narrow Sea," and even meet some of the characters from the show... Winter is coming, and so are we!

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Game of Thrones Tours in Northern Ireland

Explore Northern Ireland, and experience the true hub of filming locations for Game of Thrones! Walk the grounds of Winterfell Castle, visit the Iron Islands, see the Giant's Causeway, and so much more. The following Game of Thrones Tours are operated out of Belfast and Derry, Northern Ireland...

Game of Thrones Tours in Croatia

Visit Dubrovnik, Croatia in all its glory! This is "King's Landing" on Game of Thrones; and lots of scenes continue to be filmed in this magical city located on the Adriatic Coast. Long considered the stronghold of House Lannister, this is where you can truly feel the history of ages long ago...

Game of Thrones Tours in Spain

Discover the enchanting places depicting Braavos, King's Landing, Dorne, and Meeren on Game of Thrones! The combination of ancient architecture and beautiful scenery has made these locations in Spain a recent addition to filming on Game of Thrones (specifically in Season 6)...