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Introducing new Game of Thrones Tours

January 8, 2018

Winter is coming! And so are our new Tours inspired by the epic, hit HBO series, Game of Thrones! Over a dozen countries around the world were considered before the producers of the show chose Northern Ireland as their hub and primary filming location - and its an amazing country full of wonderful and very unique scenery. Join our local Game of Thrones Tours of Northern Ireland from Belfast or Dublin; and browse Tours to other fantastic Game of Thrones sites in and around the preserved medieval city of Dubrovnik, Croatia; Girona, Osuna, Seville, and Barcelona, Spain. For the hardcore fans of the show, soon we will be revealing our longer, comprehensive Game of Thrones Northern Ireland Experience, which will include overnights in an authentic medieval castle, boat ride across the "Narrow Sea," Archery lessons at the real Winterfell, and even meeting actual characters from the show! This very special, exclusive Game of  Thrones Tour is currently in development and is being planned for October 2018 and April 2019.

For more information and details, and to book Game of Thrones Tours with our local partners in Croatia, Ireland, and Spain, please visit our new website at or contact us at or by phone, toll-free at (888) 991-6718. Don't delay - Book today; for the night is dark, and full of terrors...


Follow the Monuments Men across Europe

December 8, 2017

Two years ago we launched our inaugural Monuments Men Tour (now called: Men, Masterpieces, and Monuments Tour) and the popularity of this exciting adventure is continuing to grow. In 2018, we expect an even larger turnout, and we are preparing for another fantastic trip to France, Germany, and Austria. Highlights of this Tour include an overnight in a medieval castle in Germany, a Private Tour of the Merkers Salt Mine, and a visit to the famous Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria! This Tour has the perfect combination of art, history, and incredible scenery; not to mention we follow the path of the Monuments Men from Paris, France all the way to the Altaussee Salt Mines in beautiful Austria. For more details including current Tour dates and prices, visit our website here:

Please note Alpventures® World War II Tours are not affiliated, endorsed, nor sponsored by Mr. Robert M. Edsel, or the Monuments Men Foundation. Furthermore, Alpventures® World War II Tours are in no way affiliated with any movie or television production company, their subsidiaries or studios.

Join Us in Sicily and Italy!

November 7, 2017

Join us on Alpventures Battleground Italy Tour in April 2018 - and follow the path of the Allied Forces from Sicily to Rome. This is the original World War II Tour of Sicily and Italy. At least two other Tour Operators have copied this Itinerary - we'll take that as a Compliment... only we have been bringing Tour groups to Sicily and Italy longer than any other. And that means we have more experience in these areas. We use amazing hotels on this Tour; over half of them are overlooking the sea! Unlike other Tours, we also include cultural sites like the greek ruins at Neapolis Archeological Park in Siracusa and the ancient city of Paestum near Salerno. You also have free time to visit Pompei near Naples, if you wish! So come along, and get ready for a fascinating Tour of Sicily and southern Italy on this historical adventure. This Tour fills up quickly, so don't delay - book today! Battleground Italy Tour

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